Mercedes Rear Low Floor – Motor OM 651 LA – Automatic Gearbox

Mercedes Rear Low Floor.

Omnicar present you the Mercedes Sprinter rear lowered minibus.

This minibus Mercedes Sprinter rear lowered is 5 tonnes CDI  and 140 Kw, available in 516 or 519 CV with Automatic or manual gearbox, as you wish.

The large luggage capacity will permit you to put all the passengrs luggages into the vehicle, and  available with UFR predisposition with access ramp.

We can modifie the rear low floor  vehicle according to your requirements and your taste.

A lot of configurations and customizations are possible  into this vehicle, which can  correspond to your needs.

This minibus rear lowered is ideal for short trips like : ski, week – end trip ,holiday centers, small circuits and can transport up to 22 passengers.

Adapted to your need, with a good price and a best guarantee, this minibus will make you feel very confortable during driving and travel.

We guranatee you the best product, with a lower price.



Description du produit

Mercedes Rear Low Floor.


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